VisaNet. A network you can trust.

VisaNet is the global network at the heart of Visa, connecting technology, infrastructure and innovation to secure fast digital payments for everyone in innovative ways.

VisaNet, a network the world trusts

Visa is one of the most trusted brands in the world. More than a trusted card network, VisaNet processes numerous forms of digital payment for people around the world, 24/7.

VisaNet technology + innovation

Visa has invested in products and services that simplify and secure payments, transforming how money travels between people, businesses and governments.

Catalyst for growth

Our flexible network helps governments, financial institutions, fintechs and innovators customize payment solutions that meet their unique needs.

Cloud Connect

Visa Cloud Connect enables fintechs and clients looking to modernize their platforms to securely connect to VisaNet via a cloud-based infrastructure.

Smarter with AI

VisaNet +AI is a suite of services that help process payments during outages, enable faster payment experiences and optimize treasury operations.

Leading the world of digital payments

VisaNet drives our vision to uplift everyone, everywhere through reliable and secure payments and safe access to the global economy.