Who’s ready for GetP@id?

Ever wondered how successful creators come up with the amazing content that people can't get enough of? If so, then you'll want to follow GetP@id. In our new social series, established creators pull back the curtain and share the strategies with up-and-coming creators for how to grow their brands and improve their skills to increase opportunities for getting paid.

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What is ‘GetP@id’?

So, what happens when you mashup social challenges, creator growth hacks, and culture? You get GetP@id—our new social series. Check out the video to see what it’s all about.
GetP@id challenge 1.

Week 1 challenge

We gathered the best content creators and got ceviche in a pool! 


GetP@id challenge 2.

Week 2 challenge

Watch and see what happened with our Sponsored Brand post challenge.

GetP@id challenge 3.

Week 3 challenge

This isn’t the end, it’s only the brainstorm.

Visa and the creator economy

The creator economy is turning passion into income for the more than 50 million artists, musicians and creators who are publishing content full or part time.¹ 

But creators face the same challenges as small and medium-size businesses: macroeconomic uncertainty, lack of timely access to working capital and competition from established players. At Visa, our goal is to supercharge a thriving creator middle class and help these entrepreneurs unlock new opportunities. 

¹ SignalFire “Creator Economy Market Map”

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GetP@id, Visa’s new social video series, pairs aspiring creators hoping to turn their passions into a career (the mentees) with established fashion, music, and food creators (the mentors). During the multi-week program, mentors will share their knowledge about what it takes to build a successful career as a creator, offering firsthand coaching to mentees as well as viewers.