Deliver a unified customer experience with Visa Flexible Credential

Easily bundle and manage offerings through a single credential, giving eligible cardholders an effortless digital payment experience.

Multiple accounts, minimal effort

Managing various funding sources is easy for your customers—and you.

Easy cross-selling

Seamlessly offer new products to your customers under a single credential.

Customizable features

Allow cardholders the option to assign funding sources to specific purchases and payments.

Trusted infrastructure

Rely on Visa technology and support to enable transactions and delight customers.

Boost customer confidence, loyalty and engagement

Meet digital demands

84 %

of users intend to use virtual accounts and digital apps as the primary means for flexible payment accounts.¹

Optimize management

51 %

report strong appeal for streamlined access to multiple accounts.

Increase cross-sell opportunity

82 %

are likely to open new cards/accounts with a single bank.

Broad business advantages

Visa Flexible Credential offers a wealth of opportunities for customer engagement, new revenue streams and operational efficiencies.

"It’s been extremely well received by customers, with more than one million accounts opened in the first six months."

Takuya Ogawai, Product Planning and Development, Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company

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  1. Sourced from Visa Flex Account Consumer Research Conducted November 2022: Consumer evaluation of Flex Consumer Value Proposition to support Visa’s pitch to Issuers (AP Markets only)