Real-time can be a real problem for fraud and scams

Because immediate payments settle in near real-time, recovering fraudulent transactions is nearly impossible—hampering consumer confidence, slowing adoption and impacting revenue.

$ 55 B

in online RTP scams worldwide¹

68 %

of consumers received unsolicited communication they thought was part of a RTP scam²

15 %

of authorized push payment (APP) scam victims leave their financial institution³

For instant payments, Visa is the answer

As a global payments leader, Visa provides a multi-financial institution and multi-network approach to monitor and prevent real-time payment fraud and scams.

Advanced AI

Applied across billions of originating and receiving endpoints, and multiple instant payment networks.

Sophisticated AI models

Help inform real-time payment decisions.

Decades of experience

In proactive transaction scoring and network risk management.

See how Visa Protect for Account-to-Account Payments evaluates risks effectively

News and resources

Learn how Visa’s risk solutions slow fraud and keep business moving for real-time payment operators.

Insights to counter APP scams

Swift, simple reimbursement is often the deciding factor between staying with or switching banks.

Instant payments fraud mitigation

As North America starts to adopt instant payments, fraud management needs to be top of mind.

Visa Protect provides enterprise-wide solutions

Visa Protect solutions help prevent fraud across the entire payment journey, across all payment endpoints and networks—without stopping the flow of business.

Visa Protect Overview

Prevent scams and stop real-time payments fraud

See how with Visa Protect for Account-to-Account Payments.