Keep up with the fast-paced world of fleet management

Visa Fleet provides advanced category-level controls, enhanced data reporting and real-time dashboards to help you make more data-driven decisions.

Experience the benefits of Visa Fleet

Visa can equip your fleet with flexible, powerful and forward-looking features that can help reduce downtime and improve your bottom line.

Simplify your payment solution

With Visa Fleet, it’s easy to streamline payments with a single solution that offers flexibility, efficiency and security on your fleet-related purchases.

  • Operators can confidently manage their fleets as fuel types, vehicles and technologies evolve
  • Fuel card issuers can grow existing relationships, attract new customers and increase revenue by offering versatile solutions
  • Legacy fuel programs can be retrofitted to expand security features and capitalize on new revenue streams by managing purchases beyond fuel
  • Fintechs can bring integrated, transparent and efficient solutions to market faster with innovative solutions

"Combining our innovative Fleet 2.0 payment technologies with Visa’s global acceptance lets us create novel solutions to once-cumbersome processes. We’re excited to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the fleet and mobility payment space."

Parker Patton, Global Head of Fleet and Mobility Product at Visa

See Visa Fleet use cases in action

See how companies are combining the power of Visa with industry-tailored controls and tools to create innovative solutions that help advance the entire fleet ecosystem.
A person in a green, long sleeve shirt tapping a white smartphone to an in-store POS

Fillip case study

See how Visa’s digital payment technology is helping one innovative Canadian company simplify finances.



A person pumping gas into a white car at a gas station

Coast case study

Learn how Visa’s enhanced data capabilities help Coast improve the accuracy and reliability of its U.S. fleet cards.

A diagonal line of yellow trucks, side-by-side under a blue sky

Fleet and Fuel Solutions white paper

Discover how Visa helps make sense of payment opportunities in the U.K.

Unlock innovative fleet payment solutions

As fleet and mobility needs evolve, working with Visa can help you prepare the right solution for the road ahead — and help set you up for whatever lies over the horizon.


EMV chip technology

First adopted by the Visa network, chip card technology provides advanced data, fraud prevention, tap-to-pay mobile wallet convenience and dynamic card-level controls.

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