Protect revenue and control risk

Disputes not only cost you in fees and revenue, they can also damage your customer experience and your brand. Our solutions help protect both sides of the equation.

Protect your revenue

Prevent and resolve unnecessary disputes before they become chargebacks to help retain revenue.

Reduce your dispute risk

Control dispute ratios and avoid costly fees by automating and streamlining your dispute management process.

Get better insights

Richer transaction data can identify first-party misuse and help you proactively deflect disputes before they become chargebacks.

Evolve your dispute management

Our next-generation solutions can uncover hard-to-identify fraud like first-party misuse while helping you manage and resolve chargebacks and other costly disputes.

100 M

 disputes processed by Visa in fiscal year 2024.¹

$1 B

 pre-disputes resolved by Verifi since 2021.²

357+ M

 pre-disputes resolved.³

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