Drive client success with a team of trusted experts

Our payments consulting expertise, economic intelligence and breadth of data allows us to identify actionable insights, make recommendations and provide implementation support to help clients make better business decisions and scale operations.

Influence the future of payments with data-driven insights

Our global Advisory Services team of 1000+ consultants, data scientists, designers, digital marketers and economists spans six continents. Discover how Visa Consulting & Analytics (VCA) uses insights and expertise to help improve business outcomes.

Help us find more innovative ways to support our clients

Our best-in-class Advisory Services delivery practices provide support to clients via four core service areas.

Strategy Consulting

Help clients formulate payment strategies, compete in the digital economy and address emerging technological opportunities like artificial intelligence (AI) and open banking.

Data Services

Provide data-driven solutions that utilize our data assets to provide market insights and to expedite decision-making.

Product and Experience Design (PxD)

Improve user experience and design new products with research, value proposition design and prototyping.

VCA Managed Services

Support the execution and implementation of wider value-added services and partner with clients to help scale, operate and succeed in the digital age.

Why being a consultant is different at Visa

Thinking about a career in payments consulting but don’t know where to start? Here is some information to consider and consulting myths that aren’t true when it comes to working with the Advisory Services team.

Explore the many roles behind our Advisory Services team

Join us in one of many different capacities as we continue to grow and advance our vision and mission as a united “One Visa” team.


From an analyst to a senior director, you have expertise in strategy, portfolio management, digital and risk. As a consultant, you get to work with experts in the payments industry.

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Data Engineer / Data Scientist

You are an expert in statistics, advanced analytics and machine learning—working with access to insights from VisaNet, one of the largest payment networks in the world.

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Marketing Specialist

You develop and execute campaigns to gain new customers and increase sales. You also monitor existing marketing campaigns to promote our products and services.

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UX Designer

You help make products, services and technologies usable, enjoyable and accessible to all users by creating optimal user experiences.

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VCA Managed Services

You help Visa clients plan, manage and execute strategic business processes and programs. You also ideate, develop and oversee the delivery of services.

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Advisory Services Intern

You aspire to be a consultant, data scientist, marketer or UX designer. You’ll work with experienced professionals and the most advanced technology in the industry.

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Preparing for an interview with our team

Our hiring process helps us welcome the best talent. Here are a few interview preparation pointers to take out some of the guesswork.

Practice problem solving

Brush up on analytical skills, logical reasoning and business judgment. How you break down complex problems into manageable parts is key. Familiarize yourself with the payments industry and with situations involving revenue and expense drivers in card portfolios.

Develop a structured thinking approach

Expect to reason through a problem with limited data by participating in case studies. These hypothetical scenarios invite you to analyze a problem, identify key issues, develop a strategy, and present a solution. Practice structuring your thoughts in a clear, logical way and presenting them effectively.

Prepare for behavioral questions

Be ready to answer questions about your leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution and communication skills in alignment with Visa’s Leadership Principles.

Global benefits our people love

Explore a few reasons why we value our people and the work that they do.

Workplace flexibility

We provide a family-friendly work environment with many hybrid roles for better work-life balance when you need it most. As for paid time off and holidays, our offerings are competitive with leading companies in your area.

Growth mindset

For early careers, we provide mentorship opportunities with experienced leaders. Anyone can participate in continuous learning with 50+ training modules for Advisory teams through Visa University. Also, 130+ Advisory Services alumni work throughout Visa.

Innovation focus

Work on emerging technologies and gain opportunities to design new products. It contributes to why we were named to Forbes Most Admired Companies and how we have become the global payments technology company we are today.

We are a people-centric company that invests in you

Creating an inclusive and diverse workforce is a key priority. Our collective success is about much more than driving results — it’s about how we drive those results together.

#LifeAtVisa means anything but “business as usual”

Our Advisory Services team helps shape our company culture daily. Discover how we are redefining where we work, how we innovate and what makes our role in it all essential.

We are a technology company, unified by our teams

We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration. That’s why Visa jobs are different. Explore the innovative work we are doing, and how we are driving growth in individuals on a team through various levels of professional development.