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Tap into our expansive network, state-of-the-art security tools and value-added capabilities to move money to billions of endpoints across the globe.

Fast, seamless experiences

Conveniently send money to cards and wallets in real-time,¹ and to accounts typically settling in one day for most routes.

Extensive reach

Rely on Visa’s scale and innovation to reach around the world—without any need to build your own payments network.

Robust security

Trust Visa's 60+ years of payment leadership, focusing on risk and compliance tools² to help provide peace of mind.

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Get help growing revenue with customized, real-time¹ solutions for moving money across domestic and cross-border markets.⁴

Get solutions tailored to your business

Find ways to help expand your business with technology that empowers money movement across industries.⁵

Connect around the world

More endpoints. More currencies. More countries. All accessible through a single connection.⁷



cards, accounts and digital wallets in 2024.⁸



currencies all over the world.



markets reached through a network of 15+ card, 70+ Automated Clearing House (ACH) and 10+ real-time payment (RTP) schemes.⁸

Customize your solution from a full suite of services

Enable fast money movement to cards, accounts and wallets through a single connection,⁷ choosing the value-added services you need to serve 65+ use cases.⁵
Color block cross-section shows different aspects of Visa Direct
About video: Graphic of five colorful cubes fade in and animate into a stack. Animation zooms in and pans left of the bottom cube to a blue callout box: “Visa Direct Network. 15+ Card networks. 70+ Automated clearing houses. 10+ Real-time payment networks.” Animation pans up and right of the next cube, to another blue callout box: “Solutions. Treasury-as-a-service. Alias directory service”. Animation pans up and left of the next cube to a light blue callout box: “Send and receive capabilities. 3B cards. 3B accounts. 2.5B wallets”. Animation pans up and right of the next cube, to a yellow callout box: “Value added services. Alias directory. Request to pay. Receiver directed. Tokenization. Open Banking. Multi-currency settlement”. Animation pans up and left of the next cube, to a white callout box: “Payment flows. B2B. P2P. B2b. B2C. G2C.”

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Gain business insights, see what’s on the horizon and identify strategies that can help open up new revenue streams.

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Discover how your business can get help moving money with Visa Direct real-time¹ money movement platform.