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Empower your employees, small businesses and consumers with access to their funds whenever they want.

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Attract customers and encourage loyalty with Visa Direct's real-time¹ payout solutions.

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Enable real-time¹ payouts to billions of endpoints globally.

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Connect through a single access point and provide your customers a streamlined and secure option to get funds on demand.

Create experiences that delight your customers, workers and suppliers

Visa Direct offers solutions tailored to your business needs, providing payouts across billions of cards, accounts and wallets in over 190 countries and territories.²

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Find out how you can partner with Visa Direct for fast, convenient and flexible payouts solutions. Visa Direct supports clients across industries from retail to hospitality to logistics and beyond.⁴

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Tap into even more with Visa Direct

Moving money in real time¹ is only the beginning. Visa Direct offers additional capabilities that you can add on to create the perfect solution for your business.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

Offer real-time exchange rates for businesses to make payments in different currencies with transparency and predictability. Visa Direct has the capability to support 160 transaction currencies around the world.

Deferred Payments

Give businesses enhanced control over their cash flow and payment processes when real time¹ isn’t necessary by offering the flexibility to control when a payment posts.


Leverage Visa+ paynames to instantly¹ deposit funds directly into participating payment apps or digital wallets.

Account Name Inquiry (ANI)

Provide online businesses and originators an added security check before sending a transaction: verifying a cardholder's name matches the one held by their issuing bank.

Payment Account Validation

Lower rejected transactions risk and boost transaction efficiency by letting businesses verify if a recipient account is valid and in good standing at the time of card capture.

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