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Hear from Visa leaders about why businesses and consumers need a better global money movement network.

Case Studies

veem logo

Visa Direct and Veem streamline payments across borders

ZayZoon logo.

86% of surveyed customers prefer using push-to-debit¹⁰

The ‘Carat from fiserv.’ logo

With Visa Direct, Carat from Fiserv delivers digital payouts for businesses and consumers

Grubhub for drivers logo

Grubhub and Visa deliver financial flexibility to delivery partners with fast payouts

Intuit Quickbooks logo.

Increasing customer satisfaction with real-time* payments for small businesses¹

wave logo.

20% higher retention rate for small businesses using “Instant Payouts”²

Upwork logo.

30 minutes or less to receive funds³

Postmates logo.

Couriers make 70% of deposits through Visa Direct⁴

Commerce Bank logo.

Over 300% return on investment for a push-to-card option⁵

ondeck logo.

86% of customers surveyed found “Instant Funding” useful⁶


88% average month-over-month growth rate⁷

tabapay logo.

100% increase in merchants offering push-to-debit⁸

MERCARi logo.

73% month-over-month increase in usage⁹

Rank Group logo.

58% reduction in canceled withdrawals¹¹

PADDYPOWER betfair logo.

6%+ increase in monthly placed bets¹²

MoneyGram logo.

Enhancing user experience with digital cross-border money transfers¹³

Remitly Promises Delivered logo.

5x increase in new customer acquisition¹⁴

T2P logo.

Helping families in Thailand stay connected around the globe with cross-border money transfers


Total Economic Impact webinar series

The Total Economic Impact™ of Real-Time Funds Disbursements vs. Traditional Methods¹⁵

Real-Time Payments Across Europe – Speed Alone Is Not Enough¹⁶

Faster Money Transfers in Latin America: Insights for Success in the Digital Age¹⁷

Optimizing Faster Payments: A Regional Payments Landscape Review¹⁸

Innovating Cross-Border Payments: What U.S. and UK Businesses Need to Know¹⁹

Reshaping Online Marketplaces with Real-Time* Seller Payouts²⁰

Rethinking the Gig Workforce²¹

The Impact on Employee Engagement, Health and Financial Wellness²²

The Cryptocurrency Payments Process: Understanding the Consumer Behavior on Cryptocurrency Platforms²³

Optimizing Cross-Border Money Movement²⁴

Money Travels: 2023 Digital Remittances Adoption²⁵

Thought leadership

12 Takeaways for Navigating the Money Movement Revolution

On-demand pay: Meeting the needs of an evolving payment landscape

Consumers want the flexibility to move money quickly between their accounts. Are you meeting their demand?

Revolution or evolution? Digital remittance in Asia Pacific

Innovating Cash Deposit Capabilities Across Europe with Visa Direct

Calling all Fintechs, Acquirers, Treasury Banks, and Payment Processors: The Visa Direct Preferred Partner Program (VDPPP) is Now Live Around the World

The Cycle of Money Movement Drives a Cycle of Opportunity

How Banks Can Benefit from the “Network Effect”

From domestic to cross-border, help transform online marketplaces with real-time* payments

Making global local: “Microtisation” in cross-border payments

Improve Consumer Payment Experiences with Visa Alias Directory Service

Instant A2A transfers matter. Are you delivering?

Small businesses, big impacts

When days become minutes: The payment revolution

Learn more about worker payouts

The connective power of remittances

Learn more about remittances

Evolution in entertainment: A gaming payments revolution that pays off

A new frontier in financial security

Learn more about security


*Actual funds availability depends on receiving financial institution and region.

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