It’s a win-win

Meet your customers’ expectations, expand reach across borders, currencies and endpoints, and help manage your risk² with Visa Direct.

Boost return on investment (ROI)

Help grow revenue and ROI by expanding money movement solutions and improving operational efficiencies with Visa Direct.

Encourage engagement and loyalty

Enhance your customer experience and help increase platform usage by offering more services and payout options they prefer (like debit card and wallet).

Get help fighting fraud and reducing your compliance risk

Be more prepared for potential fraud before it happens. Visa’s advancements in AI and machine learning monitor trillions of transactions to help you learn fast.

Deliver what customers want in a way that works for you

Whether you're a bank, securities company or fintech, Visa Direct can help improve your funds-in/funds-out capabilities. Across cards, accounts, wallets and over 190 markets,³ you can offer several options for your customers to pay, get paid and access their money.

Dive into real-life success stories

Financial institutions and fintechs need fast, convenient and flexible digital money movement solutions. Find out how you can collaborate with Visa Direct to continually help meet and exceed your customers’ needs.

We work to empower financial institutions and fintechs across the world

Visionary brands collaborate with Visa Direct to offer seamless money movement solutions their customers expect today—and tomorrow.⁶

Tap into even more with Visa Direct

Moving money in real time¹ is only the beginning. Visa Direct offers additional capabilities that you can add on to create the perfect money movement solution for your business.

Alias Directory Service

Map card credentials to emails or phone numbers so customers can keep card information private.

Risk and Compliance

Visa can help mitigate your money movement fraud and minimize your exposure to losses by offering innovative security tools.²

Foreign Exchange (FX)

Utilize Visa’s FX capabilities and support for transactions in 160 local currencies around the world.


Send or receive money in real time¹ between different participating payment apps with a single Visa+ payname. Visa+ is currently available in the U.S.

Account Name Inquiry (ANI)

Visa's ANI service enables acquirers to collaborate with issuers to cross-check and verify a customer's name by providing a mismatching result, which can alert parties to a potential mismatch.

Account Validation

Visa’s Account Validation API offers several methods that you can use to determine if a particular Visa account is valid and in good standing.

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Discover business insights, see what’s on the horizon and gain strategies that can open up new revenue streams.

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Discover how your business can transform global money movement with the Visa Direct real-time¹ money movement platform.