Grow your reach and revenue potential

Your partnership with Visa Direct connects you to 190+ markets² and opportunities for trillions of dollars in domestic and cross-border payment volumes while letting you offer customers more choices and more streamlined ways to pay and get paid.

Generate growth

Tap into the potential for new sales flows, faster monetization of existing flows and costs and time savings.

Offer new capabilities

Engage existing customers and potentially attract new ones by adding new, real-time¹ ways to pay and get paid with cards, accounts and wallets.

Deliver excellent experiences

Give your customers more options and better experiences with improved payment capabilities, transaction transparency and fast payouts.

More payment flows. More use cases. More happy customers.

Visa Direct empowers you to expand your money movement offerings, from seamless payment solutions to dozens of other use cases that can fuel growth and ignite operational efficiencies.


Reach new customers in 190+ markets²

Access global card, account and wallet payout solutions in 160 currencies, to help you reach new customers in new markets.


Increase options for revenue streams

Open up more revenue opportunities, payment flows and ways to attract clients with 65+ real-time¹ use cases.³

Enable 65+ use cases to help grow your revenue

Moving money in real time¹ is only the beginning. Visa Direct offers additional capabilities that support a host of use cases and could potentially increase revenue streams.³

Foreign Exchange (FX)

Offer real-time¹ exchange rates for businesses to make payments in different currencies with transparency and predictability. Visa Direct has the capability to support 160 transaction currencies around the world.

Multi-Currency Settlement

Simplify cross border payments, reduce conversion costs and enhance recipients’ payment experience by enabling businesses to send payments in two or more of the many currencies Visa Direct supports worldwide.

Deferred Payments

Give businesses enhanced control over their cash flow and payment processes when real time¹ isn’t necessary by offering the flexibility to control when a payment posts.

Alias Directory Service

Map card credentials to emails or phone numbers so customers can keep their card information private.

Account Name Inquiry (ANI)

Visa's ANI service enables acquirers to collaborate with issuers to cross-check and verify a customer's name by providing a mismatching result, which can alert parties to a potential mismatch.

Account Validation

Visa’s Account Validation API offers several methods that you can use to determine if a particular Visa account is valid and in good standing.

Enable on-demand access to funds with global payouts

Find out how you can partner with Visa Direct for fast, convenient and flexible partner solutions.

We empower solution providers globally

Join the 100+ neobanks and 40+ brokerages and trading platforms across the globe that use Visa Direct to help expand revenue opportunities and implement real-time solutions for money movement.

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Discover how your business can transform global money movement with the Visa Direct real-time¹ money movement platform.