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Key Considerations for Launching Cross-Border Payments

By Richard Meszaros, MBA, VP, head of Cross Border Money Movement at Visa Direct

As commerce becomes increasingly global and digital, companies of all sizes are seeking to expand their business with cross-border (XB) payments.

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Fighting payment fraud with new tools and reporting requirements

By Sue Onians, Vice President, Visa Direct Ecosystem and Risk

Recent improvements in digital payment technology have given consumers unprecedented flexibility.

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The future of digital wallets: Interoperability

By Yuwa Ikhinmwin, Head of Visa+ Product Strategy, Visa Direct Global Partner Solutions

With intuitive user experience flows and increased accessibility, there’s no doubt digital wallets have taken a huge role in how we send and receive money.

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Money movement expectations are changing and Visa Direct can help

By Shahebaz Khan, SVP, Head of Commercial and Money Movement Solutions, Visa CEMEA

In our increasingly connected world, expectations around money movement are changing rapidly.

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Digital wallets and Visa Direct — From want to need

By Pankaj Sharma, Global Product Lead, Visa Direct Wallets

No longer a clunky lump in our pockets, wallets have settled into a new home — our phones.

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How on-demand pay is transforming employment and the economy

By Nicole Stiller, VP and Head of Top Financial Institution Accounts

Here’s a universal truth: no matter the job or the salary…most people don’t want to wait until payday to get their earnings.

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Meet today's "digital first" money movement demands with innovative FX

By Richard Meszaros, Vice President, Head of Cross Border Money Movement, NA Visa Direct

Consumers and businesses want their money to move from one endpoint to another just as quickly as an email zips through cyberspace.

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Instant A2A transfers matter. Are you delivering?

By Anastasia Serikova, Visa Direct Head, Europe

With the rise of peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms like Paysend, Wise, and some well-known neobanks, consumers have become accustomed to sending and receiving money on demand.


Improve consumer payment experiences with Visa Alias Directory Service

By Serge Elkiner, Global Head of Product, Money Movement Solutions at Visa

Credit card numbers. Routing numbers. Account numbers. When it comes to getting money from point A to point B, sensitive personal information is often exchanged behind the scenes.

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Making global local: “Microtisation” in cross-border payments

By Deepan Dagur, Head of Visa Direct, Asia Pacific, Visa

When I was attending university in England in the mid-90’s, my father would send me funds from Hong Kong to supplement my living expenses.

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From domestic to cross-border, help transform online marketplaces with real-time payments

By Yanilsa Gonzalez-Ore, SVP, Visa Direct NA and Global Ecosystem

Online marketplaces are powering the growth of businesses all around the world–helping buyers and sellers connect and send money seamlessly.

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