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ZayZoon engages workers through a push-to-debit option enabled by Visa Direct

86 %

of customers with access to multiple payout options prefer using push-to-debit¹

3.6 x

greater use of push-to-debit wage access than e-checks²


seconds is the average time spent to access earned wages through push-to-debit¹

Earned Wage Access helps employers attract talent and alleviates workers’ financial stress

ZayZoon recognized that workers are often preoccupied by financial stress, and employers need a way to stand out from competitors. By helping employers offer workers early access to their earned wages, ZayZoon brings flexibility, convenience, security and speed to payroll that impacts both the lives of workers and the bottom line of the employer. To deliver on this promise, ZayZoon works with a solution provider to enable Visa Direct’s real-time³ push payments. Workers can have funds transferred to their checking account through an eligible debit card that’s already in their wallet.

"Timely access to wages can be crucial for positive financial health. By utilizing Visa Direct through our solution provider, we’re able to provide employees their pay in real-time."

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Tate Hackert, Founder and President at ZayZoon

Challenge: Faster access to earned wages is key to a productive workforce

ZayZoon has set itself apart by offering a solution to a key problem. With 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, the average employee reports spending 13 hours in work time each month focusing on their personal finances. ZayZoon’s earned wage access offering helps employers alleviate their workers’ financial stress. But to be truly valuable, ZayZoon realized earned wage access needs to be fast, secure and available anytime, at a moment’s notice.

Solution: Real-time³ access to earned wages are just a few clicks away

ZayZoon wanted to give employers a way to provide quick access to workers’ earned wages so they can pay for essentials like medication, gas or bills. And with new earned wage access providers entering the market, ZayZoon knew it need a way to differentiate itself from the competition. So ZayZoon decided to partner with Visa to use Visa Direct to help enable the push-to-debit option, improving speed and providing choice.

Now workers can have a portion of their earned wages sent to their checking account, through an eligible debit card that’s already in their wallet – in real time.³ Push-to-debit enabled by Visa Direct enables ZayZoon to deliver flexibility and real value to workers with immediate financial needs, without workers having to wait for payroll to initiate an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction or print a check.

Result: Employers are seeing rapid adoption and real results

Push-to-debit wage access has quickly proven to be a benefit that workers value. In the U.S., it has been especially popular among workers in the service industry, where ZayZoon is seeing up to twice the adoption compared to other sections.⁶ This rapid adoption helps more workers to make ends meet.

“Not only are we offering something that’s much less expensive than some of the other alternatives,”⁷ says ZayZoon Founder and President Tate Hackert. “But with access to already earned wages, employees are better able to manage paying for the essentials.”

A winning partnership

Offering a push-to-debit payout option enabled by Visa Direct has paid dividends for both employers and workers – boosting productivity and helping employers attract and retain the best talent.