Fintechs: Money’s Superhighway

Anastasia Serikova and Stergios Tsalis explore some of the enablers of the FinTech revolution and the resulting disruption of traditional financial services.
Portrait of Stergios Tsalis


Fintechs innovate how we pay and get paid. And their meteoric rise would not have been possible without networks, like Visa Direct, that help modernize payments by enabling transparent, real-time* money movement through eligible debit cards. Today, hear about the infrastructure behind the rise of FinTechs from Anastasia Serikova, Head of Visa Direct, Europe, and Stergios Tsalis, Vice President of Payments Experience at Nuvei, a payment technology platform that provides processing infrastructure and support for businesses to send and receive money. Press play and enjoy this in-depth new episode of Money Travels, brought to you by Visa.

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