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On Money Travels, we’ll journey across the continents exploring the nuances of real-time¹ payments from place to place while learning about the unique human needs in these diverse locations. Join neuroscientist and author, Indre Viskontas, as she speaks with expert voices who are exploring the latest trends and insights that are helping ensure bright futures no matter where on earth you find yourself!

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Embark on a global odyssey of payments and human connection with the Money Travels podcast, presented by Visa and hosted by Indre Viskontas.
Podcast guest Maria Luli Peyrelongue

The Future of Money Movement: Collaboration and Connections

Maria “Luli” Peyrelongue, VP, Visa Direct, discusses their collaborative approach to simplifying money movement and the role their infrastructure plays in helping make money movement more affordable and accessible.

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Podcast guest Matthieu Charpentier

Staying Ahead of Fraudsters: Protecting Your Digital Identity

Visa Direct VP Matthieu Charpentier explains the delicate balance between stopping fraud and causing friction for users.

Learn how we fight fraudsters

Podcast guest Michael Jabbara

Unleashing AI Superpowers in the Fight Against Fraud

Michael Jabbara, VP, Global Head of Fraud Services at Visa, discuss how AI is the not-so-secret weapon helping Visa Direct identify fraud within a sea of legitimate transactions.

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Podcast guest Wenhui Yang

One-Stop Shop: The Reach of Tencent with Money Movement Integration

Wenhui Yang, regional general manager of Tenpay Global Asia Pacific discusses the ways that Weixin has integrated financial features into the consumer app experience.

Learn about finance in super apps

Podcast guest Jairo Riveros

Banking the Underbanked: Making Money Movement More Inclusive

Jairo Riveros, managing director for The Americas and global head of strategy at Paysend, a global fintech company, discusses financial inclusion in money movement.

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Podcast guest Larry Hipp

Seas of Change: Digital Money Movement and the Cruise Industry

Brightwell CEO, Larry Hipp shares how their fintech is accomplishing a sea of change with cross-border payments in the cruise industry.

Explore money movement at sea

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¹Actual fund availability depends on receiving financial institution and region.