En Route to Real-Time: Moving Money from Me to Me

Visa Direct’s Nicole Stiller and Step’s Horacio Diaz Adda talk about making account-to-account transfers simple and fast for a tech-savvy generation.
Portrait of Horacio Diaz Adda


Technology has enabled us to send money to friends or buy something in-store with the tap of a button. So why is it still so difficult to move money between our own accounts? On this episode of Money Travels, presented by Visa, host, Indre Viskontas, is joined by Nicole Stiller, VP, Head of Top Financial Institution Accounts, North America, Visa Direct and Horacio Diaz Adda, the Chief Financial Officer at Step, a first-of-its kind financial platform that empowers teens and adults to build credit, invest, save, and spend. The trio discuss the cumbersome process of transferring money between accounts and dive into how technology has increased the expectation of real-time payments. Hit play and enjoy this episode of Money Travels, brought to you by Visa.

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