Sending Money Home: Remittances in an Instant World

Breno Andrade and Enrique Perezalonso discuss the unique needs of those who rely on remittances and the innovations being developed to address them.
Portrait of Enrique Perezalonso


Migration has been a feature of human history for as long as we’ve been able to track it, but payment methods have not kept up with the need for safe and efficient ways to send funds home to loved ones. On this episode of Money Travels, presented by Visa, host, Indre Viskontas is joined by Breno Andrade, VP, Visa Direct, Latin America and Caribbean, and Enrique Perezalonso, CEO and Co-Founder at Palla, a FinTech company that enables faster peer-to-peer payments. The trio discuss the unique needs of those who rely on remittances, and the complications that arise with cross-border money movement, including currency conversion and how remittance fees vary around the world. Plus, they’ll cover the latest innovations being developed to address these issues, making it more efficient and convenient to share the wealth. Hit play and enjoy this fascinating episode of Money Travels, brought to you by Visa.

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