A Changing Landscape: Transforming P2P with the Visa Alias Directory

Serge Elkiner and Lucho Torres discuss the security concerns of mobile payment services and the innovations that are helping increase security in money movement.
Portrait of Lucho Torres


The digitization of money movement has made cash and checks virtually obsolete, but moving money from point A to point B still often means that sensitive banking information has to change hands. Indre Viskontas is joined by Serge Elkiner, Global Head of Product, Money Movement Solutions at Visa Direct and CEO/Co Founder of Yellow Pepper, and Lucho Torres, CDO for Scotiabank Peru, to talk about concerns with security and fraud, as well as walk through the latest innovations from Visa and how they can help empower consumers and help make money movement more safe, convenient, and accessible. Hit play and enjoy this thought-provoking episode of Money Travels, brought to you by Visa.

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