The Future of Money Movement: Collaboration and Connections

In Episode 1 we try to predict the future.  What is important now and what will become even more pressing for money movement.  Collaboration is an important thread - between fintechs, networks and banks - is important to streamline everything for people and business to move money around the world.
Podcast guest Maria Luli Peyrelongue


Welcome to Money Travels. For Season 2 we're taking a broad look at the global money movement landscape and thinking about what changes the next year might bring. Where are the opportunities for growth? What kind of friction is still slowing things down? What might successful partnerships in money movement look like? To give us the bird's eye view, we talk to Luli Peyrelongue, Vice President at Visa Direct as the global head of market expansion. We also speak to Devie Mohan, an influential writer, speaker, and commentator on fintech who has been listed as a top 10 global fintech influencer. She's the co-founder and CEO of Burnmark, a fintech research company, and has helped several banks, fintech startups, innovation groups, and investors understand trends in the industry. Listen now.

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